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Cricket bat services

At Teddington Sports we offer a wide range of cricket bat services and repairs:

  • Bat oiling
  • Knocking-in
  • Replacing anti-scuff sheets
  • Replacing toe guards
  • Re-gripping
  • Reducing the weight of a cricket bat
  • A full range of repairs (quotes available upon request)

Please visit us in store or email info@teddingtonsports.co.uk for more information on the costs & timeframes involved in the above services.

Cricket Bat – Knocking-in

At Teddington Sports we pride ourselves on offering the best advice when it comes to getting your new bat “ready to play”. Many manufacturers now state that their bats are indeed pre-knocked in however this does not mean that you can simply walk into a game and use the bat immediately.

The bats that Teddington Sports purchase are all pressed at the point at which they are made to provide a more resilient playing surface and all though the bats do not need any further pressing, they will be improved by carefully being ‘knocked-in’.

For the best results the bat should be knocked-in by hand and not machine. Great care should be taken when knocking in the edges and the toe of the bat before progressing to “throw-downs” and then into the nets. Initially you should avoid using a new/hard ball until you have built up the frequency and intensity of the process.

For those players that simply don’t have the time to complete the first stage of the process themselves we offer a bespoke knocking-in service tailored to each individual bat.

Knocking-in includes: Oiling the bat, knocking-in the bat by hand and applying protective anti-scuff sheets and edge tape where appropriate.

Cost: Starts from £30.00 (this may take up to 3 weeks).

Cricket bat maintenance:

  • Prepare a new bat carefully. Take your time to get it ‘match ready’
  • Service your bat regularly. This will help its performance and prolong its life
  • Store the bat carefully in a cool & dry place in the off season
  • Inspect the bat as often as you can for any damage and repair promptly if required
  • Expose your bat in extreme temperatures
  • Leave you bat to dry out. A bat should be oiled at least once a year to help prolong its life and increase the performance
  • Over oil the bat. This can cause rot
  • Allow the bat (especially the toe) to become damp. This will cause the wood to swell and may lead to weaknesses and cracks
  • Use the bat against very hard (cheaper) cricket balls. These can damage the bat
  • Continue to play with a damaged bat. If you are worried about its condition let us look at it before it becomes beyond repair


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